Online Hypnotherapy Service

Break Free from Migraines, Chronic Pain, Stress & Anxiety.

Reclaim Control of your Health & Happiness and Live the Life you Deserve.

Online Hypnotherapy Service

Break Free from Migraines, Chronic Pain, Stress & Anxiety.

Reclaim Control of your Health & Happiness and Live the Life you Deserve.

Book your free consultation and take your first step toward overcoming migraines, chronic pain, stress and anxiety.

Start Your Journey to Wellbeing and Happiness, Free from Migraine, Pain, Stress and Anxiety

Are migraines, chronic pain and anxious thoughts making your life unbearable? You’re not alone. Migraines, pain, anxiety and stress are all too common, leaving you physically and emotionally drained and trapped in a cycle of pain, worry and negative thoughts.

The demands of modern life, work pressures and family responsibilities can be difficult enough but when you add in the challenges of anxiety, migraine, pain and stress then life can feel overwhelming. Migraines, chronic pain, anxiety and stress can rob you of living the life you want and deserve, leaving you feeling like you are merely existing rather than truly living.

“Hypnotherapy can help you reclaim your health, happiness and the life you deserve.”

Allison Aitken

Change Your Thoughts, Transform Your Life

Hypnotherapy is a natural and effective way to address the root causes of your anxiety, migraines, pain and stress. By tapping into your subconscious mind, you can discover the transformative power of hypnotherapy to rewire your mind for rapid, positive, lasting change. Replace negative thought patterns with empowering beliefs and break free from the cycle of pain and migraines. Say goodbye to physical symptoms like muscle tension, pain, headaches, migraines and negative feelings of stress and anxiety. Say hello to a life of joy, health and wellbeing.

At Headspace Hypnotherapy, I love to work with people who have made the decision that the time is right to change whatever is holding them back in life. I want you to be well and I am committed to helping you achieve positive changes and transform your life. Sessions are confidential and uniquely tailored to your goals.

I can help you achieve:

  • Freedom: Break free from the grip of migraines, chronic pain, anxiety, and stress.
  • Empowerment: Discover the power of your subconscious mind.
  • Positive Change: Reprogram negative thought patterns with empowering beliefs.
  • Physical Relief: Relieve muscle tension, pain, headaches and sleep disturbances.
  • Confidence: Regain the confidence to live life on your terms.

Ready to break the cycle and make change happen? Book your free consultation here.

You are only 3 steps away from relief:

Step 1:

Start Your Journey: Begin your path to relief from migraine, pain, anxiety and stress and experience peace, health and wellbeing with Headspace Hypnotherapy.

Step 2:

Discover Empowerment: Unlock the potential of your subconscious mind to achieve positive change.

Step 3:

Live Your Best Life: Embrace a life of calm, comfort and joy.

Your journey to a stress-free life and relief from migraines and pain begins here.

When you choose Headspace Hypnotherapy, you are choosing:

Your journey to a stress-free life and relief from migraines and pain begins here.

When you choose Headspace Hypnotherapy, you are choosing:

A personalised approach

Proven techniques

Freedom from migraines, pain, anxiety and stress

Empowerment through hypnotherapy

Positive, lasting change

Health and happiness

Catalina Roman
Catalina Roman
26. October, 2023
I had been suffering with migraine for a long time and I was really happy and excited when Allison posted about the group session she was going to do to address migraine. I really enjoyed the session, I learnt a lot about how the brain processes things, I found it all very interesting. The benefits are far more than I expected, my headachs have been fewer, I am sleeping better and in general I am more happier. I now feel that I have some tools to work with to handle any problem in the future. Many thanks Allison
Billy Foster
Billy Foster
23. October, 2023
Allison is amazing. I had hypnotherapy for chronic pain and the only thing I can say is I wish I’d done it sooner. I can highly recommend Head Space hypnotherapy I never thought I’d be pain free but here I am with a new lease of life after seeing Allison. Thank you
Gerardine Renwick
Gerardine Renwick
16. October, 2023
I reached out to hypnotherapy because I was at an all time low suffering with migraines. I needed to take control and do something to try to help myself. I wasn’t sure what to expect in a group environment but I was willing to try hypnotherapy because I was desperate for some pain relief and hopeful for an end to my persistent pain from migraines. Allison was a real pleasure to deal with and I really felt at ease. Her approach is warm, professional and courteous and although there were a few others in the online session, once I closed my eyes, I genuinely felt like Allison was speaking directly with me. The session was conducted in a calm manner, with clear instructions and a real focus on learning to manage migraine pain. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Allison’s voice was reassuring and her instructions and affirmations resonated positively with me. By the end of the session, I felt I had gained some power of my subconscious mind and tapped into positive self-talk. Tips I am continuing to use on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Allison to anyone wishing to regain control of their life and improve wellbeing.
sarah Copley
sarah Copley
15. October, 2023
Allison helped me to understand the root of my recurrent migraine pain and how hypnotherapy could help to break this cycle. Having never tried hypnotherapy before, I found her to be very friendly, calming & reassuring.
Madeleine Harvey
Madeleine Harvey
5. October, 2023
I have taken part in a group session with Allison, to help reduce/eliminate migraines. The group was really well run and Allison explained a lot of information before the actual hypnotherapy part. My migraines are certainly less frequent and I have no hesitation in recommending Allison for hypnotherapy.
Morag Francis
Morag Francis
7. September, 2023
I have recently completed 3 sessions with Allison, focusing on weight management and my eating habits. These sessions have supported me in making much better, thoughtful choices, reduced my cravings for unhealthy food and so far have resulted in significant weight loss. The sessions are bespoke to you and your issues. This is my first experience of hypnotherapy and I have been amazed at the results and progress I have made. I would wholeheartedly recommend Headspace Hypnotherapy.

More Hypnotherapy Services

Although I specialise in chronic pain, migraine, stress and anxiety, I can also help you with a range of other issues such as smoking, phobias, building confidence, overcoming procrastination and so much more. You can learn more about the services I offer below.

Manage Migraine & Chronic Pain

  • Are you tired of living life with migraines or chronic pain?
  • Do migraines or pain stop you doing the things you like, or need to do?
  • Do you have anxious and negative thoughts such as “my pain is awful and will never get better”?
  • Are you ready to take back control of your life and free yourself from migraines or chronic pain?

Quit Smoking or Vaping

  • Are you fed up burning money on cigarettes?
  • Are you tired of your clothes smelling of smoke?
  • Are you worried about the impact smoking or vaping has on your health?
  • Are you 100% ready to reclaim your health and stop smoking or vaping for good?

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  • Do you often feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you often feel worried or have difficulty sleeping?
  • Is stress or anxiety affecting your health?
  • Are you ready to break free from stress and anxiety?

Eliminate Fears & Phobias

  • Do you have a fear or phobia that you would like to overcome?
  • Do certain situations, places or objects make you feel anxious or panicked?
  • Does a fear or phobia prevent you from doing the things you like, or need, to do?
  • Are you ready to regain control and conquer your fear or phobia?

Boost Confidence & Self-esteem

  • Do you suffer from Imposter Syndrome?
  • Do you worry that you are not good enough?
  • Do you want to feel confident in certain situations such as public speaking, interviews or driving?
  • Are you ready to overcome self-doubt and unlock your inner confidence?

Overcome Procrastination

  • Do you delay, or put things off due to indecision?
  • Do you feel unproductive and unmotivated?
  • Do you miss out on personal or professional opportunities due to procrastination?
  • Are you ready to say goodbye to procrastination and increase productivity?


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